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A lie of memory

I have always looked back to my memories with a nuanced sense of nostalgia. Now that I look at it objectively, I come to realize that memory is not honest. For too many times I have looked back at myself, at others, at loved ones, at lovers, and it is just now that I see […]

Dynamics of Violence in a Global Society: Uyghurs

Running head: DYNAMICS OF VIOLENCE IN A GLOBAL SOCIETY Dynamics of Violence in a Global Society Ramses R. M. Nestor New York Institute of Technology Abstract     The following study‚Äôs purpose is to expose the mechanism of violence in social and group psychology regarding third world issues like genocide, terrorism, separatism, and religion extremism. The […]


I grew up thinking I was unprivileged. I grew up in a small Eastern European country where bringing up a child is still a struggle. A struggle for providing proper education, clothes, comfort, and ultimately for putting food on the table. I grew up thinking I was unprivileged. Not a day in my life have […]

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