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Remain resilient. One more minute, one more hour, perhaps one more day. Remain resilient. Does it mean you have to hold it back? No. Remain resilient. Does it mean shattering your impulses and emotions to become dignified? Perhaps. Remain resilient. There is a drop left out of your resilience. I know it’s there and you’re making use of it every time. And somehow you manage to carve more and more and deeper and desperately after that drop of resilience. You become stone cold, but it’s fine because you are dignified. Always dignified. Don’t let them drag you in the mud … Continue reading resilient

Deus ex machina

The curse of the human being is its hybrid nature. Half brain half heart. Two opposing notions. Half water half soil. Never making ends meet. It’s obviously a paradox of love and intelligence, of intuition and decision. Therefore, it is no wonder that the man has a never ending desire for freedom, for achievement, for wisdom, for all he is never going to reach, for he is the half God and half mortal. The seed of wonder is the seed of the devil himself that does not allow the state of equilibrium in the nature of man, and that’s the … Continue reading Deus ex machina

Have you listened to yourself?

There is a weird and wicked circularity in people going back again and again to things, places, people, and memories. It’s like longing for something they lost in the past while reaching for newness only to find out nothing changed. And it can’t possibly change. It feels almost pathetic and weak, this longing for fulfillment and affirmation. More pathetic for the fact that you start looking at the never ending dark bottom of the past knowing damn well things don’t ever come back. Or if they do, they come in the same shape but different names: time, love, sadness, success, … Continue reading Have you listened to yourself?

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