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I feel like jumping out of the car

Why are you singing an unknown song by an unknown band in your car with a stranger sitting in the left seat? That’s pretty unusual and awkward. I feel like jumping out of the car. Why is there sand in your hair? That’s the first thing I noticed, in the rearview mirror. Did you even go to the beach? Do I even know you? I feel like jumping out of the car. Why are you so comfortable? Isn’t that disrespectful? We just met and your car smells old. Awkward. Your tastes are unusual. Do you even notice me sitting here? … Continue reading I feel like jumping out of the car

on forgetfulness

It breaks my heart to see how people treat forgetfulness. Forgetfulness is your enemy. Don’t you dare forget who did you good. Don’t you dare forget who thought good of you. Don’t you ever dare forget who loved you for they are the people who loved you the most. Spontaneous or for a long time, love is precious and forgetfulness is its enemy. Forgetfulness is not only your enemy but love’s enemy. Don’t you dare forget that. Continue reading on forgetfulness

Say you are sorry

Run from yourself no more. The proudest is the first to fall. I have tried countless times to pick people in my life and it just simply doesn’t work. Not being yourself will only lead you to losing your people. Be yourself for once and see who’s around. You are going to lose yourself by searching for others. Honestly, just be yourself. It might be hard and all that, but it’s worth it. Once you are you, you will be surrounded by your people, people that won’t ever leave. I know that you think your friends right now won’t ever … Continue reading Say you are sorry

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