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I grew up thinking I was unprivileged. I grew up in a small Eastern European country where bringing up a child is still a struggle. A struggle for providing proper education, clothes, comfort, and ultimately for putting food on the table. I grew up thinking I was unprivileged. Not a day in my life have […]

puzzle made of two

And right there, right in that particular moment of misery and shame, despair and sorrow, there you survived. You are still alive, you are standing still. And just when you thought you became blind because of looking so hard for better times, you just opened the door to something new, something good. It almost feels […]

little do you know

There is one that loves more than the other For the words are painting a vision of love The other did not say a word And you’d think he’s got less love to give But little did he know That putting his love into words would be distasteful to love herself For love is not […]

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