For the sake of your breath buckling my hair

For the sake of your thoughts treating me fair

For the sake of your sight that is not to bear

I repent.

Indeed it is true, each thing that I thought

Indeed it is true, my breath that you caught

Indeed it is true, for the lesson you taught

I repent.

You’re steering the boat, letting me drown

Stealing from me, this is not a consent

Don’t get me wrong, I could drag you down

For all you’ve been wrong

Now you repent.

This is one of my first poems written in English, not destined to an ex lover, but to myself, a testimony of surpassing an outdated version of myself. I think it’s tremendously important to realize the moment and state one finds oneself in and try to let go of flaws or anything that keeps pushing him or her backwards. Look forward! Be optimistic and don’t let anything or anyone distract you from your path. Find yourself!

vama veche, romania, 2020

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