Remain resilient. One more minute, one more hour, perhaps one more day. Remain resilient. Does it mean you have to hold it back? No. Remain resilient. Does it mean shattering your impulses and emotions to become dignified? Perhaps. Remain resilient. There is a drop left out of your resilience. I know it’s there and you’re making use of it every time. And somehow you manage to carve more and more and deeper and desperately after that drop of resilience. You become stone cold, but it’s fine because you are dignified. Always dignified. Don’t let them drag you in the mud just for who you are. Just for trying to live, or to love, or even breathe. You might run out of air but you are dignified. Remain resilient. Don’t let them see how your heart skips a beat every now and then, or every second of the day because you take things too seriously. Or perhaps you take your feelings too seriously. Or are they too superficial? I think not. You are the paranoid one. Remain resilient. Who can blame you for having so much to give? You might be condemned to bleeding so much love and yet not a single soul wants it. How pathetic is that? But you must not let them notice and you will probably be fine, in their eyes, but not when you look in the mirror. Here. My heart just skipped a beat. That something just wants to pop out of me at every step I take. But not this time. I need my drop of dignity. I will look for it once more, even though it means scratching the deep ends of my soul until it bleeds. Because the resilient must win. The resilient must always win.

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