sense of security

Where do I come from? Why am I so haunted by this idea that I come from something natural. Something ancestral. Ultimately, don’t we all come from one common natural aspect? Then why do I feel like only my origin is the one that would nurture my existence entirely? Why is that place, maybe even geographical place, the only place in this world that would fill me with my very essence, like my mother nurtured me as a baby, like no other place could do? And at the same time, I am free to go. I am free to find a new place that would treat me similarly. However, the idea of liberty is crushing for us. Liberty is a painful concept in its nature, for it carries the burden of choice. Maybe that is why I feel like my particular natural origin is the only entity that will ever have the power to dismiss my hardship. Perhaps I am looking for a sense of security. Do I only ask questions when I ask for liberty and it is actually given to me? Or when I get tired? I wouldn’t know, because when I get tired, I learned how to rest, not to quit.

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