What are you waiting for, waitress?

What are you waiting for, waitress?

I surround nothing and nothing surrounds me

I put boots on before I put my pants on, for now I’m basically naked, but my shoes are on

I’m not sure who’s sleeping on the right side of my bed

Shouldn’t it have been someone else?

I feel his steps behind me while I’m watching a black and white portrait photo at an art gallery 

I’m smoking a long cigarette 

I also don’t know him

Therefore he can’t tell I’ve changed my haircut

Someone stop this vintage music

Things I have been good at became strange in an instant, merely mysteries… 

The other couple is looking at another photograph 

This time it’s two

In the photograph I mean

A steep pain lingers her face when he rubs his heavy palm on her cheek

She enjoys it anyways because she shakes at the merely thought of pleasing him

She doesn’t know much about pleasure

The other couple knows, she talks fast and annoyingly 

It’s awful people

He calls her a cab

Look me in the eye tell me you are not in love with me, he cries pathetically 

Closes cab door

Where to, love?

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