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I grew up thinking I was unprivileged. I grew up in a small Eastern European country where bringing up a child is still a struggle. A struggle for providing proper education, clothes, comfort, and ultimately for putting food on the table. I grew up thinking I was unprivileged. Not a day in my life have […]

puzzle made of two

And right there, right in that particular moment of misery and shame, despair and sorrow, there you survived. You are still alive, you are standing still. And just when you thought you became blind because of looking so hard for better times, you just opened the door to something new, something good. It almost feels […]

little do you know

There is one that loves more than the other For the words are painting a vision of love The other did not say a word And you’d think he’s got less love to give But little did he know That putting his love into words would be distasteful to love herself For love is not […]


Remain resilient. One more minute, one more hour, perhaps one more day. Remain resilient. Does it mean you have to hold it back? No. Remain resilient. Does it mean shattering your impulses and emotions to become dignified? Perhaps. Remain resilient. There is a drop left out of your resilience. I know it’s there and you’re […]

Deus ex machina

The curse of the human being is its hybrid nature. Half brain half heart. Two opposing notions. Half water half soil. Never making ends meet. It’s obviously a paradox of love and intelligence, of intuition and decision. Therefore, it is no wonder that the man has a never ending desire for freedom, for achievement, for […]

Have you listened to yourself?

There is a weird and wicked circularity in people going back again and again to things, places, people, and memories. It’s like longing for something they lost in the past while reaching for newness only to find out nothing changed. And it can’t possibly change. It feels almost pathetic and weak, this longing for fulfillment […]

I feel like jumping out of the car

Why are you singing an unknown song by an unknown band in your car with a stranger sitting in the left seat? That’s pretty unusual and awkward. I feel like jumping out of the car. Why is there sand in your hair? That’s the first thing I noticed, in the rearview mirror. Did you even […]

on forgetfulness

It breaks my heart to see how people treat forgetfulness. Forgetfulness is your enemy. Don’t you dare forget who did you good. Don’t you dare forget who thought good of you. Don’t you ever dare forget who loved you for they are the people who loved you the most. Spontaneous or for a long time, […]

Say you are sorry

Run from yourself no more. The proudest is the first to fall. I have tried countless times to pick people in my life and it just simply doesn’t work. Not being yourself will only lead you to losing your people. Be yourself for once and see who’s around. You are going to lose yourself by […]

moon and sea

Hallucinating, is the moon of the sea Hallucinating, is the eye you can see Hallucinating, the waves standing tall Hallucinating, in the depths that I fall The sound, they don’t make a sound Are the depths of the moon that I cannot find The clear visage, the skin of the sea Are the depths of […]


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